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Doke Rolling Thunder Oolong

Category : Oolong Tea Latest Teas from Lochan Tea Limited

Flush : 2nd Flush 2017

Location : Doke

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Category : Oolong Tea
Flush : 2nd Flush 2017
Origin : Doke / Bihar

Doke is the name of a very productive organic tea Garden in India. The lush garden rests in an area called Pothia, Kishanganj. The area is very poor, with high unemployment and a lot of civil unrest. In 1998 Mr. Rajiv Lochan, a lifelong tea garden manager and now tea business expert, decided to plant new tea bushes on small plot of land. Many said that the land was 'useless', but Rajiv persisted, with the help of the garden workers and local farmers the garden began to surprise everyone, including Rajiv.


This a new offering from our own tea garden, Doke Organic Farm in Bihar.

This totally unique Oolong tea from Doke carefully prepared in such a manner that there is a high percentage of silver tips present in this tea.

This tea gives an amber liquor and the aroma is quite strong and fruity.

Profits from the sale of all Doke teas are utilized for the betterment of the tea garden workers children and families.

This rich Oolong is perfect to enjoy alone on a rainy day or with friends.

Steeping Instructions:

Water temperature: 91°C (195°F)

Steeping times:1 min 15 secs each, 3 infusions possible from the same leaves

Credit: Čaj Room and Little Yellow Tea Pot


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